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What are they Tweeting.

John Thornton is prowling the sidelines during Training Camp, adjusting to his semi-retirement life. Thornton, on Twitter, writes (or a more accurate term, "tweets"):

  • "DE Michael Johnson struggled in run blocking drills against OT's. That's not his thing. That's how Jevon Kearse started our 1st YEAR n Tenn."
  • "Gonna be hard to keep SS Ndukwe out of starting lineup if they judge on practice. He makes so many big plays. Just got another INT."
  • "DT Peko is having a good practice. Footwork has improved since last year."

Chinedum Ndukwe Tweets: "Bengals are gonna shock some people this year."

The Cincinnati Bengals Twitter: "Lewis says based on andre smiths skill he ll b able 2 contribute when signs."

Chad Johnson: "Yeah twitt world, just got out my first padded practice, I was on f ing fire today, the entire reciever core looks great."