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In the most manly way of saying things, Jeremi Johnson looks good; David Jones tweaked his left ankle

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While Brian Leonard was stuffed twice behind the line of scrimmage, Jeremi Johnson had a nice run up the middle, as well scoring (untouched) on a sweep play. It would seem that the Bengals are giving Johnson every chance to make the squad -- and he's looking good doing it.

The catch of the practice goes to Laveranues Coles. After Johnathan Joseph tipped the ball, Coles hauled it back in near the sideline and got both feet in for the reception.

Third-string cornerback David Jones "tweaked his left ankle in practice, but the injury didn't appear serious." However, Geoff Hobson writes that he was wearing a boot after practice. After Jones, the Bengals have three backup cornerbacks: Rico Murray, Morgan Trent and Geoffrey Pope.

WDR promotes their ninth Project Mayham Task: Flying a plan over Georgetown saying "I Can Only See One Scout From Here."

Chinedum Ndukwe had his second interception in camp and Rey Maualuga was the last player signing autographs.

The Bengals will return to Georgetown in 2010.

And finally (for now), the video by shows the Lingerie Football League's Philadelphia Passion! How about that execution?