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Kenny Watson released by the Bengals; as was J.D. Runnels

Well, it's starting. For months, we thought Kenny Watson was a possible casualty. One theory was that the Bengals would keep Cedric Benson, Brian Leonard and Bernard Scott. And it appears that the Bengals are making that theory one step closer to a reality.

On Monday, the Bengals cut Kenny Watson. Watson played six seasons with the Bengals, of which only three were uninjured seasons. In 2003 and 2005, he missed significant time and in 2007, he had a career year. Other than that, Watson has been a third-down back and a decent blocker. He's not flashy, but he was definitely a support player.

The Bengals could easily bring him back. Last year the Bengals released him on October 4, re-signed on October 7, opening a roster spot for the fifth game of the season. However, this is clearly different as roster cut downs and limitations aren't necessary at this point. You better believe though, the Bengals have Watson's phone number on rolodex.

This also means that the depth chart is pointless and a piece of rubbish. Watson is still listed as the backup running back. In my mind, the backup running back isn't the first running cut. Also released was fullback J.D. Runnels, who (you guessed it) was the backup fullback on the team's rubbish depth chart.

The Bengals are down to six running backs and three fullbacks under contract.

UPDATE: The Bengals Tweeted that Evan Mathias is also out.