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Prisco thinks the Bengals will push for a playoff spot; Marvin Lewis is the worst game manager in NFL?

Things you need to remember this week:

  • Tuesday, at 10 AM, I'll have sign-ups ready for a second Fantasy Football League. Don't be greedy. If you're in the first one, then let someone else join in the second one.
  • The first episode of Hard Knocks will be on HBO this Wednesday at 10 PM.
  • The Bengals head to New Orleans for their first preseason game of 2009 this Friday. The game starts at 8 PM and should be live on Local 12 (not sure yet about other coverage).

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco joined the Bengals in camp last weekend and left very impressed, saying " The Bengals will push for a playoff spot -- and maybe more."

Michael Lombardi says that Marvin Lewis is the worst game manager in the NFL. While going through a game in 2006 (yea, a game that's over two years old now), Lombardi writes, "He called a timeout, I can't believe he called a timeout." I chuckled.

USA Today asks if the Bengals are low-balling the rookie Andre Smith. In my opinion, that question is so much more complicated than anyone realizes. However, John Thornton blames both the Bengals and Alvin Keels.

Geoff Hobson takes a glance at the roster.