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Where do you fall into this poll?

When deciding what to write next, I decided I would like to see were the visitors to our fair site fall into watching the NFL. There is a train-of-thought amongst the NFL talking heads that no one really watches or cares about the pre-season games or the playoffs when their favorite team is not a participant or a consistent winner. For this poll, I decided on four different areas to place your vote. So here is the criterion for making your selection in this very scientific poll.

Die Hard NFL Fan - You watch every NFL game you can find, including as many pre-season games that are televised and then watch the other games not broadcasted nationally on the NFL Network. You also watch the NFL Playoffs regardless if our beloved Bengals are an active participant or not. You watch all of the games at any time even though the Bengals aren't playing. And you are a multi-year subscriber to the NFL Ticket so you can satisfy your thirst to watch as many games as possible on Sunday.

Die Hard Bengals Fan - You only watch games that the Bengals are participants, regardless if it is pre-season or the game no longer has an impact on any playoff scenario. You also have the NFL Ticket to watch the Bengals because you live out of market an must watch the Burnt Orange and Black Stripes play every week

Fair Weather Fan - You watch any NFL game only if the Bengals are playing and they are winning.

Disinterested Fan - You hate football, whether it is played in August or January. You feel alienated by your significant other during this time of year because they are in the other room with the game on TV and all you want to go shopping or to a movie. And if this is your vote, why are you on this website?

So where do I fall in? Die Hard NFL Fans!! My wife, mother-in-law (she is 93 years old, your read that correctly) and I will watch as many games as we can get. We will watch all nationally televised pre-season games and will work to watch the replays of other games on the NFL Network. We are a 15 year subscriber to DirecTV and the NFL Ticket mainly because my naval career kept us away from the Cincy TV market and we had to watch. We live in the Washington D. C. area and will even watch the Redskins pre-season games. We also have a tradition called "No Shower Sunday" were no chores get done including a shower. I know, EWE!!!! We will start the day at 11:00 AM with NFL Countdown and finish with the Sunday night game on NBC. We also watch the games scheduled for Thursday and Monday nights and the few times they play on Saturday, regardless if the Bengals are playing or not. Some of you may think we need therapy, but I bet most of you fully understand our passion for the game. I must say, man do we love this time of year!!!!