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The plight of backup Bengals quarterbacks; Fitzpatrick is falling, O'Sullivan isn't forgotten by 49ers fans

Apparently the Bills aren't blown away with Ryan Fitzpatrick's performances at this point in Buffalo.'s Jason LaCanfora writes that the "Bills have been sniffing around on back-up quarterbacks." What does that mean for Ryan Fitzpatrick, who completed six of 11 passes for 61 yards passing during Hall of Fame weekend? The Bills don't have that warm feeling trickling down their leg and Fitzpatrick might be in trouble. Bills fans agree.

When Fitzpatrick left Cincinnati, where he was assured the backup job, for Buffalo, where it sounds like he could be a third-string quarterback (or simply unemployed), the Bengals went out and signed... J.T. O'Sullivan. And early reports indicate that O'Sullivan is being outperformed by Carson's Mini-Me, Jordan. Furthermore, fans in San Francisco are still struggling to get the taste that O'Sullivan left out of their mouths.

Game after game we would witness our 49ers throw away games as J.T.O. AKA Just Turn Overs, Just Terrible O'Sullivan, Just Take (him) Out, etc, would seemingly gift-wrap the ball and present it as a present to opponents time and time again. In the two wins he was leading the offense for (@ Seattle and vs. Detroit), he had 3 TDs and zero [interceptions]. It was the losses that killed him/us. In the six losses where he was at QB, he had 5 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, and 11 fumbles, six of them lost to the defense, resulting in a grand TD to INT ratio of 5:17, or 3.4 turnovers for every one touchdown thrown.

Well then. Our starting quarterback last year might lose his backup job in Buffalo. Our backup quarterback this year, and his bloodline two generations removed, is banned for life in San Francisco. Michael Vick anyone? (I am totally, totally, totally kidding!).