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Brandon Johnson and Ben Utecht out against the Saints; Maualuga is questionable

While the Bengals were surprisingly injury-free during the offseason -- not placing anyone on PUP (Players Unable to Perform) list -- they haven't been immune during Training Camp. Reggie Kelly, thus far, has been the biggest casualty, suffering a season-ending injury during practice last week. Ben Utecht suffered a nasty concussion; but from all appearances, his return seems likely -- though teams take time and caution with players who suffer concussions. Some have sat due to soreness and hamstring issues; for the most part, as it stands now, the Bengals are still on pace to have a relatively healthy team by the regular season.

However, before the regular season game, the Bengals have four preseason games to get through. This Friday the Bengals head to New Orleans with some players on the infirmary list. "We’ll have some guys that won’t participate in the (New Orleans) game; that’ll be Dan Santucci, Ben Utecht, David Jones, Brandon Johnson, Evan Mathis, Antonio Chatman and Pernell Phillips," Marvin Lewis said during a Wednesday afternoon press conference, "Getting (Keith) Rivers back out there this week has been good, and we will make a determination of what to do with Rey Maualuga later on. If not this week, he will play next week."