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B.J. Raji signs deal with Green Bay Packers; no updates with Cincinnati's Andre Smith

The Packers signed B.J. Raji to a five-year deal worth $28.5 million, with $18.5 million in guarantees. The deal came a few days after Raji left Green Bay, in what we believed was a public tactic to get the Packers on board with the player's (really the agent) demands.

So what does that mean for the Bengals? Nothing, really. But here's an update as we know it. As far as we know, both sides have thrown their offers out. Smith's camp is looking in the five-year, $40 million range, which is consistent with the contracts signed in the existing slotting system. The Bengals want $33 million, which would fall more in line with the eighth pick (not the sixth) of the 2009 NFL Draft. Alvin Keels tweeted earlier this week that he sent another deal that he called fair. No update has been reported on that yet.

The following is breakdown of deals signed (via Macs Football Blog). Money is in millions (like, duh).

  Team Player Length Salary Avg/Yr Guar. Avg/Yr
1 DET Matthew Stafford Six $72 $12 $41.7 $6.95
2 STL Jason Smith Five $62 $12.4 $33 $6.6
3 KC Tyson Jackson Five $57 $11.4 $31 $6.2
4 SEA Aaron Curry Six $60 $10 $34 $5.7
5 NYJ Mark Sanchez Five $50.5 $10.1 $28 $5.6
6 CIN Andre Smith          
7 OAK Darrius Heyward-Bey Five $38.25 $7.65 $23.5 $4.7
8 JAX Eugene Monroe          
9 GB B.J. Raji Five $27.5 $5.5 $18 $3.6
10 SF Michael Crabtree          
11 BUF Aaron Maybin          
12 DEN Knowshon Moreno Five $23 $4.6 $13 $2.6
13 WAS Brian Orakpo Five $20 $4 $12.1 $2.42
14 NO Malcolm Jenkins Five $19 $3.8 $11 $2.2