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Bengals sign two Tight Ends

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We can't lose Tight Ends quick enough. In fact, we're doing such a good job at watching our Tight Ends fall, that we're signing more, so we can watch them fall. Reggie Kelly is out for the year. No one really knows when Ben Utecht will return. Recently signed Matt Sherry will be out Thursday and Chase Coffman and Daniel Coats need "some rest as they come back from foot and ankle problems."

So the Bengals signed Kolo Kapanui and J.P. Foschi.

Kolo Kapanui was released by the Saints in May after being charged with obscenity, disturbing the peace and lewd conduct for allegedly being drunk, urinating in public and exposing himself. He was signed by New Orleans after spending last year on the Cleveland Browns practice squad.

Foschi was released by Oakland over the weekend. He saw action in seven games with Kansas City last year but did not catch a pass. He was also with the Raiders in 2005-06 and has 6 career receptions for 37 yards.