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Bengals and Smith are far apart; Bengals latest offer is really only $28 million with $33 million max

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There's reports surfacing that the Bengals and Alvin Keels camp are far apart in their negotiations for the first round pick, Andre Smith. Not that we didn't already know that. But this is my obligatory "Where in the World is Andre Smith" post. Joe Reedy writes "the Bengals last offer to Smith was five years at the base at $28 million and a maximum of $33 million" which, Reedy observes as less than last year's first round pick Vernon Gholston and lower than this year's seventh-round pick Darrius Heyward-Bey. It's almost like the Bengals are sabotaging negotiations because they really didn't expect Smith to sign, did they? What agent in the world would agree to the Bengals offer?

Gregg Rosenthal wrote yesterday, that NFL Network's Steve Wyche reported, that negotiations are "reportedly $5-$10 million apart."

The likelihood that Smith misses at least the first regular season game grows everyday he's away from the team. Just yesterday, head coach Marvin Lewis hinted that once Smith signs, the team will look at where he fits best. A far cry from saying earlier that he'll "get every opportunity to start at right tackle." Makes you wonder if Collins is the unannounced starting right tackle, provided he keeps performing through the remaining preseason.