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Second episode of Hard Knocks tonight; Anthony Collins filling in for unsigned Andre Smith

Things to know: The second episode of Hard Knocks will broadcast tonight on HBO at 10 PM. Tomorrow is the Bengals second preseason game. What a great two day stretch, eh?

Ben Reiter was in Georgetown as an effort by Sports Illustrated to cover all 32 teams at some point during Training Camp.

Don't you think that "writers" (and bloggers too) should be held accountable when saying "Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengals have an organization that seems like a crime syndicate..." Or should we just file this under "can't find new material so I'll reuse old quotes three years ago because I'm really not all that bright and I had to use spell check just to spell Cincinnati." Ouch. Did that sound bitter or what?!

James Walker asks who's worse, the Cincinnati Bengals or the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line.

Anthony Collins is filling in for Andre Smith, who remains unsigned.

“It’s a job and every time and day you adapt,” Collins said of playing right tackle. “Coach asked me to be a right tackle, so I’m going to be a right tackle. It’s no problem, I just have to change my feet up a little bit.”

“(Offensive line) Coach (Paul) Alexander said I’ve been getting better every day, and it’s showed in pass protection and the running game. If he says good things, I’m doing something right. If I’m doing something wrong I’ve got to work at it and become a better player.”

With Palmer out, Reedy writes that it's "likely O’Sullivan will play 1 1/2 quarters and Jordan Palmer will go the rest of the way."

Even though most people agree that the Bengals passed individual tests against the Saints, the Bengals will have an increasingly tougher test to take Thursday against the Patriots.

Geoff Hobson writes that Daniel Coats, Matt Sherry and Chase Coffman could be out Thursday. Meaning newly signed Tight Ends J.P. Foschi and Kolo Kapanui will get a lot of snaps.

While talking about the semi-entertaining preseason showdown that was scheduled to happen between Tom Brady and Carson Palmer, Geoff Hobson has this little nugget.

Known as the "Brady Rule" because Palmer wasn't a past Super Bowl MVP when Steelers end Kimo von Oelhoffen appeared to lunge at his knee after getting blocked to the ground in an AFC playoff game, the NFL Competition Committee's clarification this past March prohibits a defender on the ground who hasn't been blocked or fouled directly into the quarterback from lunging or diving at the quarterback's lower legs.