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Buying a Bengals Jersey Sucks


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This little discovery is... Well, it's disappointing is what it is.  I was perusing around the NFL's online pro shop, seeing if -- God forbid -- the had any of these monstrosities for the Cincinnati Bengals.  Fortunately, that answer is no, but that's about the only good news I saw while I was looking at the Bengals apparel inventory -- especially when I started looking at the jerseys.

For one, Odell Thurman jerseys are still available, albeit at discount.  Mind you, Thurman hasn't played a down for the Bengals since 2005, but yet, you can still rock his jersey if his rookie season meant that much to you.  The awesome jersey hits don't stop there either -- there are jerseys for Rudi Johnson, Housh, and Deltha O'Neal.  In fact, there are as many jerseys for non-Bengals (three) as there are for current Bengals (Carson Palmer, Chad Ochocinco and Rey Maualuga).

Oh, and adding insult to the injury that is the Andre Smith debacle, there's also a jersey for him as well.  Truth be told, I've almost bought it like five or six times already.  I'm not sure how long I'll be able to hold out; and you are damn right that pun was intended.  As for the pro shop, they have a larger selection with players like Leon Hall and Robert Geathers, but they too have jerseys for Thurman and Housh, not to mention David Pollack -- although, I'm a little more supportive of that last one.

I suppose some of this is common knowledge around here, but it would be nice to see keep a current inventory of Bengals jerseys as well as the obvious back stock they are trying to get rid of.

Besides, I thought the NFL gave their back stock to third-world countries.