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Hard Knocks Episode Two: Barbershop talking shop and Palmer's hand smells

The second showing of Hard Knocks, while not as controversial, was just as good. The episode started in a barbershop, with two older men chatting about the Bengals and specifically Carson Palmer, which was the show's primary focus for the first segment. Palmer joked with center Kyle Cook, jabbing that his hand wrecked after practice. We learned of Palmer's joking (we think) obsession with the proper gatorade to water ratio. For the most part, the show counted down until the team's first preseason game against the New Orleans Saints. It featured the fullbacks again, starting safety competition and briefly centered around Palmer and his interaction, most of which displayed light-hearted humor, with his teammates.

Lewis referred to running backs coach Jim Anderson about which fullback to start, who said Jeremi Johnson and both coaches agreed to play Fui Vakapuna in the third and Chris Pressley the rest of the way. Pressley, by and large, had a good showing while Jeremi Johnson had another less than desirable display. You get the feeling that the coaches are a bit too nostalgic with Johnson, knowing what he's capable of, rather than giving a fair shake on a guy like Pressley.

You got a better understanding with Tight Ends coach Jonathan Hayes relationship with Chase Coffman; Hayes played with Paul Coffman for two seasons in Kansas City in 1986 and 1987. Hayes has known Chase since he was a child and in turn. During one coaches meeting, Marvin said to Hayes that Chase gets beat around a bit; to which the old family friend and tight end coach told Lewis Chase's nickname: Crash Dummy.

Other things

  • The story about Corey Lynch meeting the family he saved on Father's Day was awesome. In case you don't remember, or don't know, on Father's Day, Lynch saved a woman's life in a nasty automobile accident. The family met Lynch at Georgetown and the safety hung out with the family for a time.
  • A segment dove into Chris Henry's continuing redemption story. Lewis got on Henry for his touchdown celebration against the Saints, while the coaches expressed being worried about Henry's propensity to celebrate anytime he does something good.
  • The blank look on Chad's face while Marvin Lewis is talking about investing his money was classic.
  • Tank Johnson, who asked during a security meeting if it's possible to change Google results (like removing previous engagements with the law), built a bunk bed for his daughters. Well, not build. More like put together.
  • You saw Chinedum Ndukwe getting ripped by defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle for not paying attention, while Mike Zimmer worked on Ndukwe's technique. Zimmer also got on Ndukwe for the touchdown allowed against the Saints' Jeremy Shockey.
  • You just never think you know Dhani Jones.
  • After losing to the New Orleans Saints, Marvin Lewis went apeshit. Think his message got across? Still nice to actually see the passion.
  • Jim Anderson said that Chris Pressley was nasty, an animal, in the game while Fui Vakapuna, who left the game with an ankle injury, was just OK.
  • The personnel meeting with the coaches and Mike Brown was far less dreadful.
  • Katie Blackburn is coming off very badly in the show. In the last segment, Blackburn was on the phone with Andre Smith's agent Alvin Keels, who only asks he get paid according to the slotting system. Katie just wants to pay something that's fair. You'll hear more of that tomorrow. I'm sure of it.