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Second preseason game kicks off tonight; a few reactions on Hard Knocks Episode Two.

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Tonight the Bengals kickoff their second preseason game against the New England Patriots. What are you looking for? One of the more interesting stories is the competition at backup quarterback. Generally speaking, it wasn't a competition. We were led to believe that O'Sullivan would be in the middle the Palmer brothers. Instead, Jordan worked hard and impressed enough to make the backup job interesting. However, as soon as Jordan made progress, O'Sullivan had the best quarterback performance against the Saints. With extended playing time, it'll be interesting to see how both fair against a tougher defense.

Are you guys watching? Or are you joining me tonight at 7:30 PM?

The Bengals first episode on Hard Knocks scored a better rating than the Cowboys first episode last season.

I don't think Who Dey Fans liked the episode too much. Reedy's thoughts. Even though there weren't many fireworks this week, John Thornton liked the show, especially the coaches meetings, where he's getting a glimpse for the first time.

Palmer talks about his hand to Kyle Cook.

I would caution against extending Chris Henry's contract right now. A few months into a rebuilding / maturation project isn't enough to wipe out 3-4 years of "issues" against the law. It's still a matter of trust; while he's earning that, I don't believe that he's earned it yet. On the other hand, you learned on Hard Knocks that Mike Brown has a fondness for Henry. So maybe a lifetime contract would be in order?

Scouting Report | Bengals will be tested by the Patriots.

Jordan Palmer worked hard in the offseason with Ken Zampese working on his mechanics. Tonight, against the Patriots, Jordan will have an opportunity to close the gap for the backup quarterback spot.

Former Bengals defensive end Roosevelt Theodore Nix owes $214,245 in child support. Note that ol' Mark Curnutte wrote the piece.