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Ocho Loves Skip Bayless


In Kirk's email introducing CJ's new writers -- Introductions coming soon -- I'm described as the resident blogger and provider of "anything related to wacky Chad stuff." Seeing how I hate to disappoint a friendly audience, here's some more wacky stuff, featuring our favorite extra point kicker in the world.  As I discussed over at IF -- apologies for the self-promotion -- not everybody at ESPN was on the "Chad kicking extra points is awesome" bandwagon, mainly, Skip "Happy" Bayless, and as Happy Skip is one to do, he evidently proceeded to do what he does the best: 

Bitch and moan.

Never one to miss out on the hype he's stirred up, Chad Johnson Eight Five Esteban Ochocinco obviously saw everything Skip was complaining about -- seeing how I didn't actually see the piece, I'd say it was Chad's love of attention -- and took to his favorite communication tool to discuss matters.  I'm talking about Twitter, of course.  And the results were awesome.

As you can see, Ocho even brought Rosenhaus into the discussion, which yielded typical results -- that is, not quite as entertaining as Chad's random, train-of-thought trip he's on. 

Seriously, Drew? Chado?

Anyway, even though Rosendoofus suggested Chad let it lie, we all know that wasn't going to happen, as evidenced below:


And that, friends, is a very clear microcosm of coming relationships between players and the media, thanks to "inventions" like Twitter. Might has well strap in and enjoy the ride.