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Dude, it's only preseason; JTO takes the lead?

The one thing that simply wears me down during the preseason is when making my opinion, it's always responded to with "well, it's preseason." Thanks for that bit of knowledge, but the question was asked, "what did you think?" Well, miscommunication with the offensive line. Lack of pass rush. Then I'm quickly reminded that it's only preseason. Um, yea. So I'm quickly learning that to start all conversations, I need to begin with "I know it's preseason and all, but..." There, I shot the guerilla in the room with a double-barrel shotgun.

Against Tom Brady, the Bengals defense "got a sack, a knockdown and two pressures". Keith Rivers got the first hit on Brady this year.

Who Dey Fans likes the backup quarterback situation this year as well as the backup defensive players.

Tom Nelson would be a surprise on the final 53-man roster. He finished with a sack and four tackles and "saw action as a punt returner."

Kicker Jay Feeley grades Chad Ochocinco Johnson's kicks on Thursday. WDR liked Chad kicking. However Lance McAlister didn't, mostly asking, why risk injury.

Paul Daugherty argues that preseason games should be free, which is an argument by most people that do not own businesses, or at least understand the complexity of opening a stadium is beyond opening the doors and letting the players play.

Last night, I wrote that there's a clear separation between J.T. O'Sullivan and Jordan Palmer in the backup role. James Walker already declares it over.

Chick Ludwig points out that Anthony Collins benefits the most with Andre Collins' holdout.