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Bengals home opener against the Denver Broncos still isn't soldout

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What a 4-11-1 season does to a team that has fans supporting boycotts (which includes not going to the games) is telling. It's been a common held belief that when Mike Brown's pockets started losing weight, then fans will get what they want. A general manager. A new operating philosophy. Or, a new owner. However, we have to hope that the front office doesn't play defense, arrogantly (and bullishly) out to prove a long-held belief that they know what they're doing and they'll go another 20 years to prove it. And we have to hope that the money the front office is losing, won't simply mean cuts in other areas. Like low-balling unsigned draft picks. Or looking past top-tier free agents for players who are better support players that become starters because of finances.

With 21 days away, the Cincinnati Bengals home opener against the Denver Broncos still hasn't sold out as of this posting. If the game against the Broncos isn't sold out, the team's streak of 44 consecutive sellouts comes to an end and the game will be blacked out to the locals. If you live locally and subscribe to NFL Ticket, you'll be subject to the same blackout rules. In other words, unless you live out of the area or go to the game, you won't see the Bengals.