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Is DeDe Dorsey edging closer towards a roster spot?

The team's backup running back competition has been somewhat interesting, if not encouraging (go back to the start of 2008 to know my definition of discouraging). First, a quick statistical rundown.

  ATT. Yards Y/A TDs Long
Cedric Benson 18 56 3.1 0 11
Brian Leonard 13 44 3.4 0 9
Bernard Scott 11 36 3.3 0 14
DeDe Dorsey 7 65 9.3 0 45
James Johnson 4 22 5.5 0 13

There's two questions that could be asked. Which three running backs do you think the Bengals will take? Which three running backs should the Bengals take? Are both lists the same? I've long held the belief that the Bengals will take Benson (duh), Leonard and Scott. However, you have to wonder, is Dorsey upsetting that balance?

Scouts writes that Dorsey's performance against the New England Patriots could have given him an upper-hand as the team's third-string running back. Let's look at Dorsey's performance last week. Bengals have third-and-four at their own 18 yard line in the third quarter. Dorsey picks up eight yards on a sweep to the left and a first down. Two Brian Leonard rushes and eight yards later, Dorsey picks up 45 yards. That's two rushes for 53 yards. He finishes the night with rushes of six yards and one yard, all to the left. Not bad. However, all four carries took place in the third and fourth quarters. The soonest Dorsey got the call all preseason (read, two preseason games) was with 9:58 left in the third quarter last week against the Patriots.

Scott had a much rougher night, rushing five times for six yards; all in the second quarter. I disagree with Scouts assessment until the team gives Dorsey earlier looks against stronger defenses. I don't think that the Bengals will put so much weight on one preseason game. Now if the Bengals take four running backs, then that's a different story. But you have to remember that Scott looked very impressive against the Saints, averaging 5.0 yards on six attempts. And if you saw the game, you know the kid has potential.

There's also the special teams angle that could edge Dorsey closer to making the team. With two kickoff returns for 44 yards total, Dorsey has also recorded two special teams tackles (which is actually only one more than Scott). Is special teams play enough to give Dorsey an edge?