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Bengals Thursday night game against the Rams will be blacked out

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Jake briefly touched on this earlier. Joe Reedy writes that if you live in the Cincinnati area, you won't be able to see the Bengals play Thursday night.

For the first time since 2005 fans will not to be able to watch a Bengals game live locally on TV.

Thursday’s preseason game against St. Louis at Paul Brown Stadium is not anticipated to sell out by 7:30 p.m. on Monday, meaning it would be blacked out from airing live in Cincinnati and Dayton. Since Columbus and Louisville fall out of the 75-mile radius, the game would air live there.

If you're expecting to see the game on NFL Ticket, don't read the next line on Direct TV's website. "If it is blacked out on your local broadcast station, it will also be blacked out in your area on NFL SUNDAY TICKET." However, I'm not sure if NFL Ticket actually broadcasts preseason games. Any insight? Also, as a policy of SB Nation, we do not condone the act of illegal broadcasts on the internet to be promoted here. With that said, make sure you drop by if you find a broadcast so I can tell you of this policy again. Just saying.

WDR is ecstatic that regular football fans just wanting to sit back, have a beer and watch a meaningless preseason game to relax after a tough Thursday at work, won't be able to, saying:

If there is anything more of a ripoff then watching a Bengals game that matters (i.e. Before they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs), it is a meaningless Bengals preseason game.

God, I hope this boycott works -- if that's what is actually happening. Preseason game. Full ticket prices. Thursday night. Economy. It could be just be a matter of falling on a bad night.