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Cincinnati Bengals Links and Notes: Monday 8/24

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This was a pretty uneventful weekend for the Bengals. Marlon Lucky and David Richmond were waived. Carson Palmer continues to rehabilitate his sprained left ankle, missing practice on Saturday and doing some light tossing on a side field on Sunday. Marvin Lewis said that if it was the regular season, Carson would have played last Thursday against the Patriots.

  • This morning, ESPN insider noted that the rival Baltimore Ravens could employ the 4-3 more frequently this year due to the departure of Bart Scott. Haloi Ngata and Kelly Gregg side-by-side will occupy at least all 3 interior linemen, leaving the OTs, TE and/or HB to deal with a combination of Trevor Pryce, Terrel Suggs, and whatever linebacker(s) happen to be blitzing on that particular down. Watch for Paul Alexander headaches.

Other Bengals news from around the net this weekend:

"I think guys want to prove to people wrong it's a fluke they finished 12th in the league (in defense)," [Jonathan Joseph] said. "I think the guys have that in their head."

  • In other injury news, Joe Reedy and random fantasy spots website report that Jonathan Luigs (undisclosed) and Antwan Odom (achilles strain) missed practice today.
  • Joe Kay of the Associated Press reported that Jordan Palmer is helping NFL players develop iPhone apps. Palmer's business is called Rock Software Inc., and he's focusing on developing another new way for fans to access their favorite athletes. The applications will essentially be portals to content provided by the player, such as Twitter feeds, or in Chad Ochocinco's (and Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell if they so please) case, ustream video feeds.

"I'm a big advocate of the iPhone," Jordan Palmer said. "I'm all about it. I'm always reading about it and pushing its capabilities and seeing what's coming out next. We looked at the business and what's going on with the applications and the growth. The growth is through the roof.

"We found a niche, and we're trying to take it over."

"I think kickoffs were my best asset out there," Swank said of the workout. "The stadium atmosphere was great. Everyone had a good day. You just wanted to know if your name was going to be called and mine was. ... It's a great opportunity for me. I'll definitely make the most of it and try to have some fun."