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Fantasy Football Update - Draft Date and Time

We tried to get a third league together for those that couldn't claim a spot during working hours because their employers are oppressive jerks that don't allow access to CincyJungle. Several weeks ago, I asked for people to personally contact me if they'd want to join up in a third league so I could gauge the interest. However, I only received six responses. So I'm sorry to say that we won't be having a third league this year.

There's two 24-man leagues this year. Everyone is in the same boat. Hoping for a stud, a few starters and needle in the haystack surprises. The first league is Cincy Jungle Varsity (I initially created it as Cincy Jungle 2009 not initially realizing the amount of interest people would have). The second is Cincy Jungle Stragglers.

You should be able to log into your respective league to see the scoring and league rules. The following are the draft dates.

League Date Time
Cincy Jungle Varsity (2009) September 7 (Monday) 8 PM EST
Cincy Jungle Stragglers September 9 (Wednesday) 8 PM EST

In both drafts, you will only have 30 seconds to make a selection. If you can't make your respective draft, make sure you rank your players so the highest available will be selected for you.

If you have any questions, you can contact me personally, in the comments, or on the message board of your respective league.