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No DVD Release for Bengals Hard Knocks

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The Enquirer's television reporter John Kiesewetter brings you terrible news. If you're expected a DVD release, or a re-airing of the Bengals Hard Knocks, then don't expect it. "There will be no DVD release, says NFL spokesman Dan Masonson," Kiesewetter writes. "And after the replays on HBO end next month, the series won’t be available until next spring in reruns on the NFL Network."

How are the ratings at this point?

HBO says 3.1 million viewers watched the Bengals’ first “Hard Knocks” show the first week, adding up all the HBO replays. (But they don’t count on-demand viewing.) The 3.1 million is more than the first week for the Dallas Cowboys “Hard Knocks” last year (2.7 million) or in 2007 from the Kansas City Chiefs training camp (3.0 million). HBO says it won’t have numbers for the second episode until the end of this week.

Wednesday's episode will include "the move from Georgetown back to Paul Brown Stadium; last week’s game against the Patriots; quarterback Jordan Palmer; the rookie talent show; and coaches evaluating the roster."

Now, for the love of god, can someone tell me where all of the channels went?