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No telling when Bengals Tight End Ben Utecht returns

There's just no telling when Ben Utecht will return from the concussion he suffered early in training camp, writes Geoff Hobson. "Tight end Ben Utecht surfaced in the Bengals locker room Tuesday morning for the first time since receiving the fifth concussion of his career three weeks ago and he doesn't look close to returning. He admitted he still has to make the big decision to return to play at all, but since his symptoms are still lingering he's not there yet."

As it stands, the Bengals could be without both starting Tight Ends to start the season. Which gives Daniel Coats and Chase Coffman huge opportunities. In Coats' case, he was a stretch to make the team as a Tight End. Within a split second after Kelly went down for the year, Coats' position on the roster solidified because of all the Tight Ends, his abilities mirror that of Kelly's blocking. In Chase Coffman's case, now he an opportunity to get a lot more playing time now that he doesn't have to climb over two proven Tight Ends while trying not to look like an old couple screwing (not my words).

In both their his rear-view mirror stands Matt Sherry, Darius Hill, Kolo Kapanui and J.P. Foschi. Coats and Coffman, you have to believe, are natural replacements for Kelly and Utecht, based on their strengths and style. But we're thinking ahead of ourselves. There's still a chance Utecht could return by the season opener -- but that Hobson piece makes you believe that's very doubtful.