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The Bengals Welcome Ventrell Jenkins

Allow me, with great pleasure, to introduce Ventrell Jenkins, a rookie free agent defensive end just picked up by the Bengals. Now normally, I don't roll out the orange carpet for every free agent signing, especially ones that aren't likely to be around during the regular season. However, Ventrell is an exception. You see, Jenkins is a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky, and if you know anything about me, that's reason enough to celebrate. Besides, take a look at the lead video -- the boy's got some skills. Or at least a flair for dramatic, game-winning, fumble return touchdowns in rare Kentucky bowl appearances.

So far, I haven't seen anything official about the Jenkins signing, although, I don't think UK offensive coordinator Joker Phillips is a liar.  I will say, however, Phillips' well-wishes for Jenkins seemed a little... Well, they seemed a little forced.  "I'm happy for him" doesn't read like someone is overwhelmed by the knowledge they just gained.

Maybe it's just me, however.

Anyway, let's give Ventrell a warm Bengals welcome, and hopefully, the decent pass-rushing skills he showed at Kentucky translate the NFL.  Oh, and the reason I think he might be a roster casualty is Jenkins was recently cut by Buffalo Bills.  Maybe he'll have better success in the AFC North, as opposed to the East.