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Source tells Walker: Bengals could get really cautious and sit Palmer entire preseason

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We know what happened before. It was terrible. Even now, our anxiety is creeps up. It's not a good feeling. What's worse, is the anticipation diving head first into the unknown. It's already been reported that Carson Palmer will miss Thursday's game against the St. Louis Ram -- the game that you won't be able to see if you live in Cincinnati, until 11:35 PM (I already feel sorry for the poor souls looking for support on our computer system Friday morning).

Alright. Palmer is out for a second game. Preseason isn't that important, some would argue. I disagree. Timing is critical between quarterback and receiver. Last year Chad Ochocinco and T.J. Houshmandzadeh missed offseason workouts, which, some argued last year, caused serious timing issues with the offensive passing game. I'm not suggesting that Palmer should play this Thursday. If he's hurt. He's hurt. What can you do about it?

But is he going to sit the remainder of preseason? James Walker wrote that, while the Bengals are sitting Palmer Thursday, a source told his blog (more likely the source told Walker since blogs don't have ears... bad joke? Sorry) that "the team may also take extreme caution with Palmer's sprained ankle and is contemplating sitting him for the remainder of the preseason." The way this is worded, it makes you think that the source is just conjecturing. There's no real authority behind it. We're not disputing Walker or his source; just trying to find a gap in the logic.

Lewis did say that Palmer "should be good to go", assuming he'd attend and work during the first practicing heading into the final preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts. Palmer has gone 12 days without practicing since "suffering a moderate sprain to his left ankle during the first quarter of the Aug. 14 game against New Orleans". You have to wonder if timing between a quarterback and receiver isn't growing. I'm a worried nanny. I'm allowed to worry.

I know that J.T. O'Sullivan has performed as well as we could have hoped. Still, he's not named God of the Golden Arms. Only one man is named that. As it stands, there's no reports of Palmer missing kickoff weekend against the Denver Broncos. Still, you know that feeling that I'm feeling don't you. It sits there, in your gut, stirring and growling.

[UPDATE: For the sake of  fairness, I should point out that cinbengals_85 originally pointed this out in the FanPost. However, I should point out that mine is bigger than his]