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Bill Belichick Loves Him Some Ochocinco

Obviously, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has a soft spot for wide receivers who possess a little bit of the selfish reputation.  See Moss, Randy and now, Cincinnati's favorite receiver, Chad Ochocinco.  During the Bengals/Patriots game last week, Belichick playfully razzed Ocho about double-covering him the whole game so the Pats wouldn't have to see any of Ocho's touchdown celebrations.  The Boston Herald's Rap Sheet blog has more:

Belichick: "We’re double covering you so you can have the night off."

Ochocinco: "Come on.  Come on."

Belichick: "One double 85, that’s our call, one double 85."

Ochocinco: "No matter where I go?"

Belichick: "Yeah, so you can’t hide."

Ochocinco: "Come on Coach, you serious?  Tell me you are just playing."

Belichick: "We are not going to watch you run in the end zone and watch you spike the ball here.  Have a good one. I’ll talk to you later."

Ochocinco: "Alright. (walking away) Damn."

You'll notice there was no "child, please" response from Chad, leading this blogger to believe his respect level for Belichick is awfully high.