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Open Thread: St. Louis Rams (1-1) at Cincinnati Bengals (1-1)

One thing that the Bengals have been able to achieve this preseason is something unique, if not terrifying; provided someone takes preseason as an indicator of the regular season. The Bengals offense goes into Thursday's game as the sixth best overall; eight rushing, ninth passing. However, after scoring seven points in each of the past two games, the team's seven point average ranks dead last in the league.

This was a primary point of emphasis we made last week in the thread, hoping not only that the team sustain drives, but finish them with points. The game won't be on live television tonight for those in the Cincinnati area, but a replay will broadcast at 11:35 PM tonight on Local 12.

Tonight is coined the "Dress Rehearsal", where the starters will see significant playing time.

What I want to see...

- More Tom Nelson and more Rey Maualuga and more out of Laveranues Coles.
- The continuing third-string battle between Brian Leonard and DeDe Dorsey.
- More out of Nate Livings.
- Continuing last week's theme of an improved pass rush; along with some Michael Johnson.

I could list a billion more things, but I want to give it off to you guys. What are you expecting? Come join us as we listen to the game, go through more trivia and banter back and forth.