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Bengals offense turns ball over four times, allows six sacks in 24-21 loss to St. Louis

If there were a game this preseason that displayed the total ineptness this offense showed in 2008, this was that game. Sadly, this is the game that's coined "Dress Rehearsal". Not that there's any truth to the coined phrase with Carson Palmer sitting the second straight game this preseason. The offensive line struggled, allowing Cedric Benson 17 yards on five carries and six total sacks allowed. J.T. O’Sullivan was sacked three times and the Bengals turned the ball over twice on fumbles in the first half, each leading to touchdowns. In the first two plays by the offense, J.T. O’Sullivan is sacked and on the following play, a botched snap exchange by Kyle Cook and O’Sullivan led to a lost fumble. Several plays later, the Rams take a 14-7 lead. While the Bengals were driving in the second quarter, the team decided to give Bernard Scott his first carry of the game. Fumble. Recovered by the Rams. St. Louis takes a 21-7 lead after the 73-yard return. It was the theme of the night. Turnovers.

Aside from the 11-play 71-yard touchdown drive, the defense played well enough, limiting the Rams to 243 yards total and forcing six punts. Even though they allowed a second TD, it was after the offense turned the ball over at their own 20-yard line; the Rams' third touchdown was on a fumble recovery.

With 14:09 left in the first quarter, Quan Cosby became the first Bengals player to touch the football in the game, returning a kickoff 49 yards for a touchdown. Initial thoughts are he could make the team. However, Tom Nelson may have something to say about that too. Nelson is beating out Corey Lynch during Training Camp and he nearly broke a touchdown, returning it 44 yards.

Bernard Scott gets the handoff on third-and-21 at the Cincinnati four-yard line. Running off the left edge, he jumps a potential tackler, then outruns everyone down the left sideline for a 22-yard gain and a rare first down from a mile out. Two plays later, the Bengals scored a touchdown on a 54-yard reception to Chris Henry. They literally went 96 yards on three plays; the first play on third-and-21.

Ultimately, the game was lost by the offense; four turnovers and six sacks allowed. The final turnover was outside the two minute warning while the Bengals were driving with a three point deficit.

We had three trivia questions during the game.

  1. Pete Johnson and Corey Dillon each recorded 100-yard rushing games in three consecutive games. The record is four. Who holds it?
  2. Anthony Wright was the first Cincinnati Bengals player to wear #2 officially. Ever. How many players have ever worn #1 officially. Bonus point. Name the player(s).
  3. The Bengals all-time record for least amount of yards rushing allowed is 11 yards back in 1999 against the Clowns. Against whom did the Bengals record their lowest net yards passing allowed and (the bonus) the year?

Anyway, your thoughts on Thursday night's game.