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Question of the Day: Are you concerned about the Bengals?

We brought this up last night; the Detroit Lions were 4-0 in 2008 and the New England Patriots were 0-4 in 2007 during the preseason. Aside from being two extreme examples, the dictation that the preseason is a preview of the regular season is too simplified to be taken seriously. However, the presumption is based on the record alone; not the substance within the game.

The Bengals are 1-2 this preseason. They've been outscored by 12 points; though their "dress rehearsal" led to more than seven points for the first time this preseason.

However, the Bengals are beating their opponents in yardage, rushing first downs, third down conversions (45%), rushing and passing yards, yards per completion, and time of possession. And they're doing this with the team's backup quarterback through two games and a rotation of running backs. The big play has returned -- two passing plays of 50 yards or more -- and the defense has allowed less than 300 yards to opposing offenses.

On the other hand, other mistakes a weighing incredibly heavier than the above. Bengals quarterbacks have been sacked 11 times and the defense has only recorded four sacks in return. The team has a terrible -5 turnover ratio, having zero interceptions through three games. They've only reached the Red Zone five times scoring at a 60% clip.

Stat Bengals Opponents
First Downs 47 51
Rushing 19 15
Passing 24 32
Time of Possession 31:09 28:51
Third Down Conv 45% (18/40) 39.0% (16/41)
Total Net Yards 1,0
Rushing 404 296
Passing 633 599
Completion % 65.3% 58.3%
Fumbles/Lost 8/5 6/3
Sacks/Yrds Lost 11/41 4/25
Penalties/Yards 24/182 22/210

Are you nervous, or are you tossing this as another preseason? Are you aware that this is preseason, but worried about the little things? What's your general impression through three games of preseason football?