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Could Brandon Marshall suspension last through the kickoff weekend against the Bengals?

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While the Bengals stumble through a 1-2 preseason with one game remaining on tap against the Colts, Cincinnati's regular season opening opponent, the Denver Broncos, could be without starting wide receiving Brandon Marshall. On Friday, the Denver Broncos suspended disgruntled wide receiver for conduct detrimental to the team. MHR says the suspension is only for the remainder of the preseason and this ESPN piece says the team will "reassess the situation when the preseason ends Sept. 6." However, Adam Schefter confirms MHR's report that "Marshall's suspension is scheduled to run through Sept. 6, meaning the wide receiver is eligible to return to work on Monday Sept. 7."

If you're unaware of the issue, PFT wrote on Thursday that Marshall is "acting like a spoiled brat, knocking the ball down during individual wideout drills, punting the ball instead of handing it to the ball boys, and generally lollygagging." Denver's Channel 7 has the video. Marshall's action are suspected to be orchestrated because the receiver has wanted a trade all offseason.

And you thought Chad Ochocinco was bad in 2008?