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Bengals cut DT Phillips, CB Fletcher and WR Orton; down to 77 players

On Friday, we raised the point that the Bengals will need to cut five players to get under the 75-man roster limit come September 1. We looked at the roster and conjectured what positions the Bengals could look at.

On Saturday, the Bengals cut three. Cornerback Jamar Fletcher, who was house-sitting until David Jones returns -- and the play of Morgan Trent hasn't been that bad. Defensive tackle Pernell Phillips and wide receiver Greg Orton were the others. Neither Phillips or Orton got any playing time during the preseason.

This brings the Bengals count to 77. Now the Bengals are down to nine wide receivers, six cornerbacks and four defensive tackles -- the fourth being recently signed Langston Moore. Jason Shirley could arguably help out here, since he was a defensive tackle a few weeks ago.

Expect two more cuts by this Tuesday.