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Chad And The Gang

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Yeah, Chad's still going strong on Twitter (amazing, I know), but while some might find his constant chatter tiring, he does use the micro blogging platform for good -- at least for us fans -- as well as meeting hot, female Tweeters.  This time, Chad is introducing us to, as he calls it, "the entire receiving core."  Misspellings aside, it's nice to see them bonding and taking part in Ocho's social media invasion.

Now, lets see who can name them all -- not counting Chris Henry and Laveranues Coles.  Josh, you are excluded from this little exercise.

In other Twitter news, Chad got into it with ESPN mouthpiece, Mark Schlereth.  The argument started after one of Chad's tweets supporting Plaxico Burress.  Schlereth responded with a little bit of sarcasm, and from that point, they were playing the feud.  All told, there are about 22 or so tweets of these two going back and forth, and thankfully -- I say "thankfully" because I really don't need to see ESPN going into Day Five of the Ocho/Schlereth spat -- the issue ended quietly.

And you know I'm not exaggerating about the "Day Five" thing, either.