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ESPN sets policy on Tweeting; Don't forget about Cincy Jungle's Twitter page

I'm doing my best to get onto the Twitter bandwagon. I've learned while blogging the Bengals for over six years, that if you fall behind with technology, then you're just not modern enough to bother some for their time. I've always hoped that the content provided on this site is well enough to keep you from clicking Cincy Jungle under your favorites/bookmarks. But the truth is people are digging the use of cool technologies. Whether it's RSS readers (my total favorite), site designs and functions for your mobile, or social media, people are turning to the newer technologies that present the newest media. And for someone that's work professionally in IT for 10 years, you'd think I wouldn't fall behind the newest technologies. But I do; unless it serves my employer.

And who can blame people? I use TweetDeck, which updates a column (or two) with all of the people that I'm following. For example, I follow most of the SB Nation football sites. I get a quick headline with a basic understanding of the story. If I want more, I click on the link. I enjoy the players interaction and even Chad Ochocinco's Twitter Pictures -- or Twit Pic. Agents use it -- but rarely update with useful information.

The folks at SB Nation explicitly encourage us to write whatever we want within the context of common sense, professionalism and quality (I typically hit two out of three on most posts).

Not all sports media care for the age of social media. For instance, PFT writes that "ESPN slams the door on Tweeting", forcing a ban on Tweets "unless it serves ESPN." On one hand, it seems like a joke that ESPN would close the door on Twitter. On the other, what exactly has any ESPN personality Tweeted that you've read that's not a promotional spot on television, the radio, or an article on

With all of that said, I Tweeted a trivia question. Cincy Jungle's account is, well, CincyJungle (is that a cheap promotion or what?)