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Bengals -- along with eight other teams -- ban practice Tweets

Last night, we spoke about Twitter's role with Cincy Jungle, while mentioning that ESPN had banned Twitter "unless it serves ESPN."It was also my cheap promotion to get you to follow Twitter, while I also had a trivia question on the account.

Then this morning, Adam Schefter writes that nine teams have banned tweets during practice.

Nine teams have banned practice tweets: Atl, Buf, Cin, Ind, KC, NE, NO, StL, Sea.

Bengals players haven't generally Tweeted during practice; mostly resigned to Chad Johnson's room playing Fight Night and doing live streaming shows about interracial dating. And Mark Kriegel still thinks you're losers.

UPDATE: Schefter's Tweet says Include Detroit.

Add Detroit to list of NFL teams that ban media from twittering from practice. That's 10 teams all together. That's unnecessary something.