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Will Kelly's impact be lost; Cook is confident and Whitworth wants the O-line to be nasty; another reason to keep Watson?

+ The question that you're forced to ask is; do people really understand the impact level that Reggie Kelly brought to this offensive line? Some call him the best blocking Tight End in the league; head coach Marvin Lewis hopes he sticks around because of his influence in the lockerroom. It leaves a void. Without outside protection, will the Bengals have someone to help Andre Smith, pick up the blitzing linebackers the backfield like Kelly did. You assume that Daniel Coats picks up the role. But he's nowhere near Kelly's level and it's hard to imagine Coats being on the field during passing downs.

That leaves two first-catch Tight Ends to fill the void. That gives running back Kenny Watson an extra life, if he was on the chopping block, because he could supplement the blocking-aide role as good as any existing Tight End or running back.

The passing storm on Tuesday turned a two-hour practice into a one-hour walk-through once the main field drained.

Johnathan Joseph is "primed for impact season."

“I have to work on staying consistent,” Joseph said. “The thing that the coaches are working on with me is getting my eyes out of the backfield looking at the quarterback too long. They always say if you see the ball thrown you’re going to see it caught as well. I have been working on staying square in backpedal and exploding out of my breaks. Once I get those basic fundamentals under my belt the sky is the limit.”

“When I’m in the game I make plays,” he said. “The team just needs a full season out of me whether it’s 16 or 20 games. It’s important that I stay healthy and stay consistent. I’m focused on what it will take to win ball games. The guys know that they can count on me when I’m healthy. I worked hard during the spring to prepare for training camp and I’m ready to take my game to the next level.”

Andrew Whitworth thinks that the Bengals offensive line can get it done. Kyle Cook thinks he can too.

Levi Jones could benefit with teams suffering injuries at tackle.