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Ben Utecht suffers a bad concussion

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First, Reggie Kelly suffers a season ending injury. Second, Ben Utecht was put on a stretcher, placed in ambulance and was taken to Georgetown Community Hospital, writes Geoff Hobson.

Utecht went down in a heap following a play in a half line blocking drill during live action in a practice in full pads. As the team moved on to different parts of the field, left tackle Andrew Whitworth, who had Utecht sing at his wedding back in March, knelt to pray with his head down and a hand on one of Utecht's legs.

A few minutes later Chad Ocho Cinco jogged over from the wide receiver drill and did the same thing.

All three of the Bengals' top tight ends have left the field with injury in the first week of camp.

It was later determine that Utecht suffered a concussion. The stretcher, ambulance and hospital are precautionary. Good lord. Sometimes you just have the feeling that Karma is going to be one mean bitch. After David Jones and Brandon Johnson suffered injuries that presents no time table, the Bengals lost Reggie Kelly for the season. There's no way of telling when Utecht is likely to return.

In the meantime, the Bengals are short at Tight End. After Daniel Coats was seen on crutches by reportedly twisting an ankle, the Bengals are left with Chase Coffman and Darius Hill signed for 2009. Yes, Dave. Nate Lawrie.