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Bengals sign Matt Sherry; Utecht to see spine and concussion specialists

It was reported last night that the Bengals were looking into the free agent market to acquire one to replenish the team's depth. Ben Utecht left the local Georgetown hospital for Cincinnati to looked at, writes a Bengals Tweet. Utecht is traveling "to Cincy to meet with spine and concussion specialists."

However, the Bengals found one free agent that once was once a Bengals Tight End before. The Bengals Twitter page writes that, "Matt Sherry's agent confirms to that his client has signed with the Bengals."

Sherry was the team's second sixth-round draft pick (207th overall) in 2008, but was placed on Injured Reserve when the team announced their cuts at the end of preseason. He was then released on June 20th this year.