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Bengals cornerback David Jones out four weeks; a lesson in reading/writing headlines

There are times in which the headline draws more reaction than the actual context of the article/post. Take this example, for instance. I get home. I open my Google Reader. I click on the news feed. It says "DJones out 4-6 weeks." My initial reaction: "No, not Dhani!". When will we ever get a break? Did our injury-plagued season expand into 2009? What the hell! Mind you, I only read the headline. In fact, I just read the first few words of the headline. Nothing more. Slamming my fist onto the desk. Causing heavy books to bounce that doubled the ruckus in the study (aka, corner of the room with a desk, lamp and a pile of unpaid bills).

After pouring myself a Jager, lighting a cigarette, I read:

Several look to be already scratched. Cornerback David Jones underwent surgery to place a screw to aid the stress fracture of his foot and he'll be out four to six weeks while tight end Ben Utecht (concussion) left the hospital and is undergoing tests in Cincinnati.

Not that I'm making light of David Jones being out, I'm not. He's our third, or fourth string cornerback, depending on packages and Chris Crocker. Still, I was relived (like really relived). Two lessons can be learned here. Better headlines in which a Bengals fan doesn't overreact waking the neighbors and pissing off the harem in the next room. And not overreacting. In other news, Chad Ochocinco Johnson breaks a leg (on his online streaming performance).