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Notes on the Bengals mock game on Saturday

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Here's a series of notes that the Bengals beat writers took that I wanted to highlight.

Playing with only a shell and shoulder pads, The team's reserves (white team) beat the team's starters (black team) in the annual mock game, 21-17.

Carson Palmer, who completed 12 of 17 passes for 131 yards passing with a touchdown and pick, didn't get sacked.

Stats: His younger brother Jordan, completed 10 of 14 passes for 104 yards passing. Chad Ochocinco Johnson caught seven passes for 79 yards receiving. Henry and Caldwell caught three each and Coffman finished with four passes -- second most for the black team.

Jerome Simpson caught a 63-yard pass by J.T. O'Sullivan with Jamar Fletcher covering.

Antwan Odom had the only sack in the Mock Game.

Kevin Huber averaged 51.5 yards on two punts -- one went 52 yards, the other 51 yards.

Antonio Chatman hurt his lower leg on Friday and "could be out awhile." As a result, Bob Bratkowski said that Maurice Purify "is making a run."

After missing Friday's intrasquad scrimmage, Bernard Scott played with the Black Team (mostly starters) and backed up Cedric Benson.

Bratkowski said that Saturday they "weren't t as sharp as we need to be. We missed some blitzes. We need to fix that."

Chad Ochocinco Johnson will create a new list this year; instead of opposing cornerbacks, it'll be the opposing defensive coordinators.

Ochocinco is playing this year with a chip on his shoulder:

"My bad is good," he said of last year. "A lot of receivers have never had 540 yards in a season. If you base what you saw last year on what I'm going to do this year, you're mistakenly wrong. I like to take the bulk of the blame on myself. If my grandmother was the quarterback, I should have had 1,000 yards. One of my mottos is I'm going to play two seasons in one as far as productivity. I owe us, the team, the city, and a lot it is based off last year."