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Andre Smith's Heavy Contract Stipulation

When Andre Smith (finally) signed his rookie contract, many viewed it as a win for the Bengals franchise.  Katie and Mike didn't allow the slotting system to dictate the terms they agreed upon, and the result was a performance-laden contract that doesn't break the Bengals' bank and puts the onus of earning the deal's maximum potential on Smith.  

Because one of the biggest concerns about Smith is his playing weight, that too was addressed in the contract.  According to ProFootballTalk, if Smith weighs in at 350 pounds or more, he'll have half of his pay taken for each game he is over the established limit.  Here are some details:

Per the source, the contract contains a provision that slashes in half Smith's pay for each game in which he weighs in at 350 pounds or higher.

It's technically a de-escalator of his base salary, a device that is permissible as long as Smith's salary exceeds the league minimum for his specific level of experience.  But it's a dramatic and (as far as we can tell) unprecedented move to compel a player to maintain a certain weight.

For those of you thinking Smith, now that he has his money, is going to turn into an out-of-shape bust, take comfort in the fact that he will be punished for doing so.