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Will the Bengals sellout by Friday afternoon; Troy Polamalu out against the Bengals in week three?

We should learn by 1 PM on Friday if the Bengals will be televised locally or not.

No matter how you cut it, it's just nice that the NFL regular season has kicked off. The Pittsburgh Steelers (barely) beat the Tennessee Titans 13-10, while the Madden Curse strikes again with Troy Polamalu going down 3-6 weeks with an MCL sprain. That means in 16 days, when the Bengals host the Steelers, Pittsburgh will probably be without their starting safety.

Do we read between the lines?

Bengals ticket manager Andrew Brown continued the weeklong line of saying “a few thousand” seats are still available. When pressed, Brown did say less than 5,000 seats remained but had no comment when asked if under 4,000 were left.

The Bengals are still roughly 4,000 tickets short of a sellout?

Carlos Holmes briefly documents Rey Maualuga's up-bringing, which includes being raised by a strict disciplinarian pastor for a father.

Is big brother Carson using little brother Jordan as a proxy?

“Our Trojans are going to wreak some havoc this week. Ohio State fans are the most annoying people on the planet. It’s unbelievable. … They wear their stuff year-end, because there’s nothing else going on here”

The more interesting match-up between the Bengals and Broncos, is a battle between two veterans -- wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and cornerback Champ Bailey, who has tremendous respect for Chad.

"Yeah, I love the way he talks," Bailey said. "The funny thing is he has respect for me and I have respect for him, and he knows what he's capable of and I know what I'm capable of. So it's not like he's talking to belittle you. He's a guy that he's an entertainer and he knows it, and he uses that ability to talk to the fullest.

Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer is expecting a "mashup of the styles of past Denver teams along with what McDaniels did in New England."

“They’re going to try and spread the ball out as much as possible. I know they’re not going to play smashmouth against us,” Zimmer said.

The Broncos head coach might be the Denver Broncos head coach, but Josh McDaniels is an Ohio guy.

Chick Ludwig wonders how Keith Rivers, Carson Palmer, Rey Maualuga and Frostee Rucker will react Sunday morning after the Ohio State Buckeyes beat the USC Trojans.

Matt previews Sunday.