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Announcement coming regarding sellout/blackout for Sunday

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Just as Fui Vakapuna and Chris Pressley agonizingly waited to be told if they made the 53-man roster -- no thanks to Marvin Lewis waiting until the last possible second so opposing teams couldn't claim them off waivers as quickly -- the Bengals announced that after the 1 PM deadline in which the team was given to sellout, that they'll break the news at 3 PM of whether it was a sellout or not.

Joe Reedy writes:

The 1 p.m. deadline has come and gone without any word if the Bengals-Broncos game is sold out. Public relations director Jack Brennan said the team will not be ready to announce anything until 3.


You have to believe that a scheduled announcement could only mean that something is in going on to get the remaining tickets sold; maybe the details of a certain television station buying tickets is getting finalized. Who knows. Maybe they just think we have nothing better to do. Hummm... they could be right.