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Cincinnati Bengals Links and Notes: Day After Apocalypse Edition

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Well, I'm sure by now you've all seen the catch, the bungle, the tip, the ridiculous play that beat the Bengals yesterday. Hopefully you've all also read the insight from Cincy Jungle's other excellent writers indicating that the defense had a damned good day, and that things may still be turning around. It's not time to give up on this team, especially when the players are as positive as they are.

That being said, here's what the internets are saying about the Bengals (I'm trying to avoid the Stokely catch, not sure if that'll be possible):

"Absolutely," Joseph said when asked if he thought he came down with both feet in bounds. "I had it and felt I came down with both feet inbounds. I thought they were going to review it, but that's not my decision to make. ... I was sure I caught it."