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Kevin Huber's first five punts dropped inside the 20-yard line

Some weren't pleased when the Bengals selected Kevin Huber in the fifth round of the 2009 NFL Draft. After all, he's a punter, right? The Bengals were high on him, very intent on drafting the punter while last season was coming to a close. Why not? He was only the eighth player in Division 1 history to average 45.0 yards per punt in a career. Was a first-team All-American in 2008 and won the Big East Special Teams player of the year in 2007. The guy has a leg. Furthermore, the Bengals canned all punters on the team, giving the starting gig to Huber without so much as a practice punt.

Against the Denver Broncos, he played in his first NFL regular season game. And boy, how good did it feel to to have a good, consistent punter? Huber dropped his first five career punts inside the 20-yard line. When he wasn't restricted by distance, he nailed a 55-yarder. Here's the stat of the day. When Huber punted, the Denver Broncos starting position was their own 18-yard line. Furthermore, Eddie Royal returned three punts for an average of five yards.

The special teams botched field goal attempt notwithstanding, the Bengals special teams played well, thanks to our rookie punter who, of all the positions on the team, will likely upgrade his position the most.