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Bengals invite Tight End Leonard Pope and Cornerback Corey Ivy for a visit

This certainly hasn't been the start we had hoped for with our tight ends. Reggie Kelly and Ben Utecht go down early in Training Camp for the season. Daniel Coats, a fullback cast-off at one point fighting for his life to win a job this year, is now the team's starting tight end. The Bengals drafted Missouri tight end Chase Coffman, who apparently has a long way to go to make the field. J.P. Foschi wasn't even with a team on August 17, over two weeks after training camp starts. And he was team's backup tight end against the Denver Broncos.

Like we said, this certainly hasn't been the start we had hoped with our tight ends.

And the Bengals are apparently still looking at the market. One player that many Bengals fans have been hoping for, especially you crazy fans at Cincy Jungle, is Leonard Pope. "According to a source in an NFC city, the Bengals brought in veteran tight end Leonard Pope for a visit." Hobson rightly concludes that:

The Bengals are already grooming a young pass catcher in rookie Chase Coffman, so they are most likely looking for more of a blocker and that is not Pope's M.O. The Cards reportedly grew tired of his penchants for false starts.

The Bengals also brought in cornerback Corey Ivy for a workout. No signings were announced by the Bengals on Tuesday.