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Flashback: Round 2. Last time the Bengals played the Packers, Cincinnati recorded five interceptions

So the Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton didn't throw five interceptions like he did against the Cincinnati Bengals when he was with the Chicago Bears in 2005 (aren't you impressed I mentioned three NFL teams in a complete sentence. It's arguable that it's a good complete sentence, but nonetheless). However, that doesn't stop our pointless interest story of 2009, re-playing teams and/or quarterbacks that completed five interceptions in 2005. Next up?

The Green Bay Packers.

On October 20, 2005, future hall of fame quarterback Brett Favre threw five interceptions against the Bengals. Two picks came from Deltha O'Neal and Odell Thurman respectively and Tory James. Neither of those players remain in the NFL and Favre has been in and out of the NFL since, so to speak. Even though the Bengals picked Favre five times, Cincinnati only scored seven points after the turnovers. What was really scary is that the Bengals barely beat the Packers 21-14. The Packers were moving the ball when Favre didn't throw picks, recording only three punts on the day and at least one first down on four of the five drives that ended in picks.

Now, it doesn't mean much this year. I'm really only talking to the nostalgic folk, who needs a pick me up after what we're now calling the BS at PBS.

Of course, the only thing that many fans remember the last time we played the Packers is this.