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Bengals guard Nate Livings out, Evan Mathis in; call it for what it is: The BS at PBS

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Early against the Denver Broncos last week, starting left guard Nate Livings left the game with a knee injury. Evan Mathis replaced Livings and finished the game, on the field, watching the play that Cincy Jungle would later call, The BS at PBS.

The rest of the media is calling it the Immaculate Deflection. But we argue that playing off an already created catch-phrase that was used for a Super Bowl game, and not a regular season opener, is unworthy of such a play on words. Furthermore, the question about the Immaculate Reception was created based on the fact that you couldn't see if the nose of the football hit the ground on Franco Harris' reception. Whether or not the word "immaculate" is properly used here (which really means clean, having no flaw, error, blemish or stain but it's used with some miracle metaphor based on Immaculate Conception), the fact is, we're a petty and trivial group with the inability to let things go. In other words, since we didn't create it, we don't like it. Anyway, the BS at PBS is a far more accurate phrase with the Bengals and the fans.

Oh, and the initial point of this is that Mathis will start in place of Nate Livings, who will sit against the Green Bay Packers.