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Should Carson Palmer Play?

What is the true value of preseason games to established players? There is much discussion on whether or not Carson Palmer will play against Indianapolis in the final preseason game. Does he need the playing time against a third string defense? The only people on the field at this juncture that really care to be there are the players that need one last big play to show their worth. The last ditch efforts of a defensive player for the Colts sitting on the bubble could be a hit on Carson Palmer that endangers the Bengals season.

It is my opinion to leave Carson on the bench. He has worked with his receivers in practice and knows the speed of the game. The timing between him and Ochocinco, Henry, & Coles will be there. If anyone needs any more arguments against key starters playing in preseason I suggest looking around the league. Matt Cassel is the arm that the Kansas City Chiefs are banking on but his knee is going to keep him sidelined. Brett Farve and his rumored crack rib, not to mention the stupidity of him throwing blocks in preseason.

Preseason games are the time and place for young rookies, old has beens, and undrafted longshots to make their attempts to make a roster and show their worth. The Carson Palmers of the league do need the practice and conditioning that comes in preseason camps, but do they need the preseason game time? I argue no, but lets put it to the poll test.