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Bengals sellout first game of the year; possible blackout for the home opener?

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The Bengals have sold out their first game of the season, the Bengals website announced Wednesday. And you knew that game would be against the Pittsburgh Steelers, where some joke as being called Heinz field west. I'm sure the players are thrilled. Marvin Lewis is hoping fans turn out to support the players.

“I’m excited to have our first sellout this year on the books,” said head coach Marvin Lewis, “and I’m hoping our fans will step up and fill Paul Brown Stadium for Denver as well. Home field advantage is a huge thing in the NFL, and we’ll be looking for that large, loud sea of orange and black when we kick off the season against the Broncos.”

There is still question as to whether the Bengals home opener against the Denver Broncos will sellout in time, leaving the city under a blackout.

“We will need good sales through next week, but a sellout is definitely still within range,” said Andrew Brown, Bengals ticket sales manager. “Our goal is to keep our streak alive.”

Are you going to any games? If not, why?