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Hard Knocks IV: Cutdown day looms

The upcoming cutdown day took front and center with several players. Antonio Chatman, Chris Pressley, DeDe Dorsey and Brian Leonard had dinner, talking about it. Andrew Whitworth and his wife Melissa sat on the couch talking about losing friends. The battle between Brian Leonard, DeDe Dorsey and Bernard Scott at running back. The battle of Corey Lynch and Tom Nelson, who took a carriage ride downtown, at safety. Then there's Chris Pressley and Fui Vakapuna at fullback; which with this episode made you think that the Bengals are definitely going with two fullbacks. You get the feeling that Chris Pressley will make the team, based on the impression that the coach's favor his physical play. During one practice, Pressley had to have his busted facemask replaced. We still haven't gotten to the part where Muhammad Ali joined the Bengals during Training Camp in Georgetown College.

Funny moments.

  • Pulling into the garage underneath Paul Brown stadium, Marvin Lewis couldn't pull in because the gate was broken; or at least not responding to the proxy card. So he jumped the curb and got in, laughing his unique laugh.
  • Chad Ochocinco chatted with his girlfriend, who said that Chad faked being in a wheelchair to get a seat next to her. He then faked that he needed to use her cell phone, and put his number in it. Brilliant!
  • Jordan Palmer promoted his site,, which points out times during a movie in which you can go to the bathroom.

Good Moments

  • Bobbie Williams helped Jason Shirley on the sidelines during practice, who was absolutely obliterating guys against the St. Louis Rams.
  • Mike Zimmer told Tank Johnson, who called Bill Walsh Donnie, that the only thing that could bring Johnson down is himself.
  • The team's clubhouse assistant, James Brown, was profiled momentarily. The players and coaches love him. And before each game, Brown leads them onto the field.
  • During the same game, Carson Palmer pulled Bernard Scott aside, telling him not to worry about the fumble. All that matters, he said, is how you respond.
  • He gave the same advise to Jordan, who threw an interception on a pass intended for Chris Henry.
  • While not really a good moment, it was actually nice to see Marvin Lewis talk to a guy that was waived from the team. In this case, he sat with defensive tackle Pernell Phillips, advising him to keep working and maybe another team will pick him up; or the Bengals could sign him to the practice squad.
  • Tank and Roy Williams went to the Reds game with the Los Angeles Dodgers in town, and got a chance to speak with Joe Torre.
  • Marvin Lewis advised the team (aka Chad Ochocinco) about Twittering.

Oh Boy moments

  • Do you get the feeling that when the players enter the lockerroom, that they nervously walk past Jim Lippincott, who leans against the wall waiting for the players he has to tell is getting waived?
  • The relationship and conversation between Katie Blackburn and Alvin Keels presents the most awkward moments of the show.
  • I don't hate Mike Brown as a man or anything other than an NFL owner. But when he's on the show, I just bury my head.
  • Replayed the game against the Rams, which ended with Augustus Parrish's disastrous attempt at blocking a guy who would eventually sack Jordan Palmer, who fumbled the ball. Game over.
  • The show ended with Andre Smith's signing and subsequent broken foot.